crafted by photobiz

Won a lot of national scholastic photo contests in high school, attended Southern Illinois University for one semester, decided to get a degree of experience instead of a degree. Spent 5 years in Chicago producing catalog work on an 8x10 Deardorff, got married & moved to Southern California, produced wedding/portrait and commercial work for 10 years. Joined General Dynamics as a staff photographer shooting aerospace, defense, annual report work for 8 years: secret clearance, frequent travel, lunch with the president. Partnered with Dean Collins for 6 years to evangelize digital cameras for Eastman Kodak & Sinar Bron, produced Photoshop seminars in partnership with Adobe Systems in 36 cities per year for 3 years. Joined Dr. Carver Mead's team at Foveon for 6 years to market and evangelize new sensor technology for digital cameras. Started building guitars in 2000, decided to get into the music industry. Joined Taylor Guitars in 2005, built a studio and enabled the company to bring all photographic work in house.


Professional experience includes principal marketing, advertising and annual report photography for Adobe Systems, Aviation Week Magazine, Coronado School of the Arts, Cygnus Publishing, Eastman Kodak, Fretboard Journal Magazine, General Dynamics Convair Division, Data Systems Western Division, GD Electric Boat Division, GD Electronics Division, GD Space Systems Division, Hasselblad Forum Magazine, KPBS Television San Diego, MegaVision Inc., National Semiconductor, National University, Neil Kjos Music Company, Northwestern University, Photo Imaging Entrepreneur Magazine, Premier Guitar Magazine, Reuben H. Fleet Science Museum, San Diego Aerospace Museum, San Diego Business Journal, San Diego Chamber of Commerce, San Diego Gas & Electric, San Diego Junior Theatre, Science Applications International Corporation, Studio Photography & Design Magazine, Taylor Guitars.


Additionally, experience includes high speed photography as a contractor for the United States Air Force and U.S. Navy in support of range testing, fighter test station, and space launch operations at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Dugway Proving Grounds, Hill Air Force Base, San Clemente Island, Vandenburg Air Force Base, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.